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Kitchen Duct Cleaning

All kitchen extraction systems accumulate oil and grease over a period of time. This contamination has numerous negative effects, the most critical being that the exhaust found in the ducts and hoods of all types of Kitchens is highly inflammable and therefore is a major ‘fire hazard’, which can lead to injury and loss of life. Secondly and equally important is the fact that after a period of time the exhaust present in the ducts and hood starts to drip below where the food is being cooked thereby contaminating the food. Moreover exhaust ducts when not cleaned frequently, become chocked after a period of time, this leads to more load on the exhaust blowers thusincreasing the electricity consumption, besides making the Kitchen area hot and uncomfortable to work in.

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) kitchen ducts need to be cleaned every 3-6 months based on the type of cooking, in order to avoid the conditions stated above.

Method of cleaning

Kitchen Ducts are more often than not; found to be extremely greasy and therefore require ‘Wet’ cleaning methods, as opposed to the ‘Dry’ cleaning methods employed in the cleaning of HVAC ducts.

We use several safe methods for cleaning, one of which is a rotating brush and high-pressure steam nozzle. The other method involves a technician descending in the ducts depending upon the size of the duct to manually clean the duct. It has been our experience that most duct systems have little or no access and our procedure includes installing access panels or access doors to gain access.

All ‘cleaning agents’ used by us are ‘food grade’, non-inflammable’, ‘environmentally safe’ and metal friendly.

We provide comprehensive ‘After Service Report’ and ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs of all the areas cleaned by us


after before


Dirty Laundry systems contain high quantities of lint besides other contamination. This lint is a major fire hazard as most of it is cotton, which is known to be highly inflammable. Besides high quantities of lint also lead to blockage of the ducts, thereby rendering the exhaust system ineffective. To eliminate these possibilities it is necessary to clean the system regularly and by using appropriate cleaning methods

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