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Water Tanks Cleaning

Water tanks can get contaminated with all sorts of insects, dead rats, birds and lizards. If the tanks are not cleaned periodically the rust, silt and scale deposits harbour bacteria and can cause serious illnesses. Water tanks should be cleaned and disinfected at least once every year to remove any resident slime, mould and harmful bacteria and bio-films.

EPSCO cleans and disinfects water tanks, pipelines and other water systems such as swimming pools, cooling towers, Jacuzzis etc according to Dubai Municipality code of practice and to ACOP guidelines to ensure Legionella control in water systems. Local Municipality guidelines are followed in discharging the residual wastewater from the water tanks into the sewerage system and insitu tests are also conducted.

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Pipelines Inspection and Cleaning

Pipelines can be cleaned in Environmental friendly way. We use water instead of chemicals that can cause damage to the environment. High Pressure Water Jetting technology is used to remove heavy debris and deposits from the internal surfaces of pipelines. We offer services to clear obstructions in Kitchen pipes, bathrooms, laundry, septic tanks, toilets and grease traps. Video inspection of the pipelines is also done whenever required.

Cooling Towers

These units are well known for being the most common location to find Legionella bacteria, which may be spread into the air. We clean Cooling towers which need a constant & proper hygiene system management and cleaning needs to be carried out at least every 6 months.

Water Falls & Fountains

When water is not kept clean it grows algae and bacteria which are nutrients for Legionella spread by water droplets being atomised into it and breathed into the lungs. fro water falls need to be cleaned and maintained (ionisation or specialised chemicals) are identity of Legionella.

Legionella Control and Testing

Legionella bacteria cause several diseases such as Pontiac fever and legionnaires disease. Legionella affects mostly men aged 40 and above and more so those that have already respiratory problems, cancer smokers and those who are already ill. Infection rate is about I in a hundred but for each that contract legionnaire's disease the fatality rate is over 13%. There are several methods for control. First ensure that the system is clean and ongoing control can be with chemicals, ionisers, electronic descalers and electro coagulation where applicable.

Legionella bacteria

Swimming Pools

We clean disinfect Tanks, Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis etc according to the Dubai Municipality code of practice and to HS(G) 70 guidelines to ensure Legionella is not allowed to proliferate. Local Municipality guidelines are followed in discharging the residual waste water from the water tanks into the sewage system and insitu tests are also conducted.